About Us

We at socialized Corgi Home is offering you cute corgi puppies at your door with best price, We deliver corgi puppies at across USA and Canada from last 8 years, These Corgi puppies are At 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder and 27 to 30 pounds, a well-built male Pembroke presents a puppies in a small package. Short but powerful legs, muscular thighs, and a deep chest equip him for a hard day’s work. Built long and low, Pembrokes are surprisingly quick and agile. They can be red, sable, fawn, and black and tan, with or without white markings.

We only sell superior corgi puppies from champion bloodlines, with the correct physique,conformation and temperament. We have spent endless hours choosing the right bloodlines and our dogs prove it. Our females are very high quality and are bred exclusively with champion pedigrees with proven track records to maximize the potential for solid conformation and breed standards. Every pup comes with a full written health guarantee, microchip, and a lifetime of happiness.

We Breed only Select corgi Dogs of Excellent Health and Temperament. All our corgi Puppies are sold as “Pet Quality”. Our Puppies come with a 1 year Health Guarantee.

We’ll be Happy to answer your questions and we Encourage a visit to our Kennel (By Appointment) prior to making your decision. We want you to be Happy with your New Puppy for Years to come!!

Socialized Corgi are very energetic and athletic and do well in competing in various competitions as well. If you are not familiar with the breeds and/or have any questions please feel free.

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